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With our online edition (in the form of a wine-newspaper) “The WinePress”, we would like to provide insights into our working schedule and to illustrate the wine year by our working steps and operational processes.

During opening a bottle of wine, our thoughts often roam wonderful vineyards, the sight of beautiful wooden barrels and, particularly, a very specific relaxation and calmness.

However, to achieve these relaxation and calmness, a lot of laborious work needs to be done until wine is going to be filled up into bottles. It is laborious work and also a lot of manual work. There are a lot of steps in the vineyard, as well as in the wine cellar, that need to be done to achieve an exquisite drop of wine. Overstated, maybe, for a few people this fact can be “recognised by the taste”. However, most of the people remain hidden from the insights into the annual process of a winegrower or from the insights into the origination process of wine.

With the edition of our online magazine “The WinePress”, we offer relevant insights into our working year. The wine year, visualised by the four seasons of viniculture, illustrated and brought to life by our “wine sheep”:

Edition 1/2020, The vineyard in winter
Edition 2/2020, The vineyard in spring
Edition 3/2020, The vineyard in summer

Edition 4/2020, The vineyard in autumn, online now

Edition 4/2020,
The vineyard in autumn

Only by hand, grape by grape

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Then and now…

Old wooden beam press from the year 1903
Pneumatic press

Today’s technology ensures a gentle and carefully processing of our grapes.