Ried Jägerberg

Erste STK Ried

Single Vineyard Jägerberg
Premier Cru STK

Ideal conditions for Burgundy varieties

The Single Vineyard Jägerberg is located within the cadastral district Kranach, which belongs to the village of Gamlitz.
The former name of this single vineyard was “Ried Weinberg”.
When the siblings Mrs and Mr Jäger came in the possession of that mountain, the name “Jägerberg” was used in the colloquial language in those days.
Due to these historical reasons we decided to change the name “Ried Weinberg” to “Ried Jägerberg” in 1992.
For many years the name “Ried Jägerberg” has been used only by the Erwin Sabathi Winery.


Our wines of the Single Vineyard Jägerberg, classified as “Erste STK Ried” (Premier Cru STK) are
typical for this region. These wines demonstrate a strong and natural expression of their origin and have a high ageing potential. The harvest yield is limited to a maximum of 45 hectolitres. Premier Cru STK wines are allowed to be offered for sale at the earliest on 1st of September after 11 months of maturation.

Local orientation

south-facing with a medium inclination

Sea level



On Jägerberg the temperature differences between day and night are smaller – this fact provides ideal conditions for Burgundy varieties. These expressive wines reflect a complex aroma spectrum with an enormous tension.


The vineyards of Jägerberg are located in the tertiary sedimentary region of the “Gamlitz Schlier”, also called “Older Schlier”. (“Schlier” is a fine-sandy marl clay, in this case with deposits of sandy quartz). The existence of a lot of fossils is a typical character for such chalky, marine sediments. The soil type is a chalky Regosol of loamy-sandy tertiary material.
The water retention capacity is high, the water permeability is moderate.

Grape variety

Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris

Our wines of the Single Vineyard Jägerberg

Ried Jägerberg Weißburgunder Current vintage: 2018, orderable
Ried Jägerberg Grauburgunder Current vintage: 2018, orderable