Limoncello for Marcello, for us, red grape juice . . .

At the present time our website is illustrated and brought to life by our wine sheep “Marcello”.

Although we can offer a Mediterranean climate in southern Styria, but the winter climate for lemons is still a bit too cold, we continue with our traditional viticulture.

Instead of lemons we offer a very good, healthy, 100% natural, untreated grape juice.

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Made from the grapes of our Blue Zweigelt. Pasteurised and bottled, without any additives or conservatives – our

Red grape juice – full of vitamins, pure nature

Grapes contain nearly all kinds of vitamins, dextrose, lots of important minerals and nutrients. Especially, resveratrol and polyphenols, two intense antioxidants, prevent oxidative stress and reduce the risk of chronic disease.

> Great health benefits for the cardiovascular system

> Improvement of the immune system

> Increase of the energy level

> Support of the brain activity