Gelber Muskateller Brut


Yellow Muscat Brut
Sparkling wine

A very fresh and fruity sparkling wine, aromas of rhubarb and elderflowers, a perfect aperitif.

Our “Yellow Muscat Brut” is an aerated sparkling wine, very fresh and fruity. The vines of this wine flourish in numerous small vineyards in Southern Styria.

Grape variety:

Yellow Muscat (Gelber Muskateller)

Drinking maturity:

2 years


A warm and humid Mediterranean climate cause a long vegetation period. Cool nights effect unique varieties of aromas.


The soil structure is characterised by firm sediment layers, deposited in this sea basin million years ago. The soil consists of fine marine sediments (geologically described as “Schlier”), as well as of different kinds of sand, conglomerate and gravel.

Our vintages

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