The origin of our wine visualised by 4 quality-levels in a pyramidal graphic . . .

Wines can be differentiated according to various criteria. The most common used distinguishing criterion is the grape variety. Our wine assortment consists of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Yellow Muscat, Welschriesling, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris.

From our point of view, a much more essential differentiating characteristic is the “origin” of wine – meaning the “wine-growing areas” and “wine-growing regions”.

“Great wines are characterised by the terroir,
grape varieties are given a secondary importance.”

(Erwin Sabathi)

Our wines are characterised by their origins. We use these various origins as the main differentiating criteria by fulfilling established standards. These standards are based on the requirements of the STK-winery members.
(“STK” means “Steirische Terroir- und Klassikweingüter” = “Styrian terroir and classic wineries”). It is a free association of 12 Styrian wineries with the highest commitment for a typically regional wine culture – the Erwin Sabathi winery is member of this association.
Origin, well-defined rules and high-quality parameters indicate the STK-quality certificate. These quality parameters are documented in a pyramidal graphic form and therefore exemplified from the base to top, based on the criterions of wine-growing areas:

Grand Cru STK

(Single Vineyard Pössnitzberg, Single Vineyard Pössnitzberg Alte Reben, Single Vineyard Pössnitzberger Kapelle, Single Vineyard Pössnitzberger Sorgenbrecher)
Wines classified as “Große STK Ried” (Grand Cru STK) represent the highest quality level. Only the very best grapes from the Single Vineyard Pössnitzberg provide the base of these wines and their high ageing potential. The cultivation mostly needs to be done by manual work due to the extreme steepness of this terrain. The average age of these wines is at least 15 years, the drinking maturity 15 years and longer.

Premier Cru STK

(Single Vineyard Poharnig, Single Vineyard Krepskogel, Single Vineyard Jägerberg)
These wines are typical for the region, demonstrate the strong and natural expression of their region and have a high ageing potential. The average age of these wines is at least 12 years, the drinking is maturity 10 years and longer.

STK Village Wine

Our village wines grow in various vineyards within our home village Leutschach a.d.W. These wines are the representatives of the terroir of our home village – this is characterised by the typical wine taste of the wine-growing area as well as by the therefore related name of the wine.

STK Regional Wine from Southern Styria

Our regional wines are very fresh and fruity. The vines of these wines flourish in numerous small vineyards in Southern Styria.