The tradition of growing wine exists within the Sabathi family
already since 1650.

The grand innovation and significant upturn were in 1992 – Erwin Sabathi (10th generation) took over the then existing establishment. On this base he founded his own winery and the famous brand name “Erwin Sabathi”.

As building owner of this new wine cellar he was awarded with the “Viktor Geramb-Dankzeichen für gutes Bauen in der Steiermark”, (essentially means “Viktor Geramb-medal for terrific constructions in Styria”).

Another important step towards success was the entry of his wife Patrizia into the business.

The winery has been owned and managed by the winemaking couple, Patrizia and Erwin Sabathi, for years and is extremely successful. In addition to business management and leadership issues, she also
took over all press -, marketing -, concept -, development – and design issues when she joined the company. Her private passion is architecture and interior design. Therefore, it was only natural that this part was also taken over by her. With the recently completed wooden barrel cellar and the cellar of rarities she once again demonstrated her knowledge and talent: >>Architecture<<