STK Ortswein (STK Village Wine)

Our village wines grow in various vineyards within our home village Leutschach a.d.W. These wines are the representatives of the terroir of our home village – this is characterised by the typical wine taste of the wine-growing area as well as by the therefore related name of the wine.

Village wines demonstrate different characteristics due to their vineyard-location/-orientation, sea level and soil conditions – these components affect the aroma and the typicity of these wines. Different regions mean variously climatic and geological circumstances effecting various wines. Therefore the wine refers to the wine-growing area and this is further the reason for using the name “Leutschach” on the bottle label.
With the naming of the wines according to their origin/wine-growing area we take up an old tradition again. STK Village Wines are allowed to be offered for sale at the earliest on the 1st of May after 6 months of maturation.

Our STK Village Wines