The creation and planning of the new wine cellar  

The entire cellar is designed according to the principle of “short distances”. An almost square floor plan summarizes all areas in a clearly structured, route-optimized overall complex:
from the delivery of the grapes > via the processing in the press house > further on to fermentation, maturing in the tank- and barrel cellar > to bottling and storage > as well as tasting, sale and administration.

As building owner of this new wine cellar, Erwin Sabathi was awarded with the “Viktor Geramb-Dankzeichen für gutes Bauen in der Steiermark”, (essentially means “Viktor Geramb-medal for terrific constructions in Styria”), in June 2005.
In addition, this new building was the cover of the art magazine Parnass in autumn 2005.

The great architecture building was expanded in 2021.
The cellar of rarities

In 2021, an exclusive cellar of rarities was added to our winery.
To create 100% guaranteed, optimal storage conditions, the rarities archive was structurally hidden deep inside the mountain.
Darkness, no influence of sound and constant temperatures are guaranteed and distinguish this uniqueness.

The wooden barrel cellar

Wines need a natural environment to mature without the influence of humans.

When you experience a guided tour through our cellar, it is like you walk through a cathedral.
You are overwhelmed and concentrate on the essentials – on the wines that mature in the barrels in peace and darkness, on the wine as the craft of the winemaking couple. This was precisely the design intention and was planned and implemented down to the smallest detail.

Before you get back outside and your eyes have to get used to daylight again, it still remains dark, mystical and extremely aesthetic …
… an additional sales area was designed in the form of a beautiful Asian market hall, framed by authentic, certified antique art objects from Asia and Paris – a successful design and a real visual highlight!