The emblem
of Patrizia & Erwin Sabahti

It is a legally registered emblem.

Donors of the emblem: The married couple Patrizia and Erwin Sabathi

Authorized to lead:
The founders of the emblem Patrizia and Erwin Sabathi with all common descendants in the name trunk

Motto: »Omnia vincit amor« (Love conquers everything)

Blasioning/in the heraldry professional emblem description:
Black, quartered by a golden crosshair;
1: an oak bract of three leaves and three acorns;
2: a vine with one grape and one leaf;
3: two diagonally crossed swords;
4: an inward bent brown trout;
all figures golden.
On the helmet with black and golden blankets, a gold-fringed black cushion, on which two golden lions, red armoured and tongued facing and holding together a silver shell.

original version  
digital version

Explanation of symbols and colours


The two lions present the founders of the emblem, Patrizia and Erwin Sabathi, „as strong fighters“ and also present their „vigilance“. The importance of the lions stands for the fact that they always defend the right and therefore symbolize wisdom and courage.
The scallop shell, held by the two lions together, is the wedding symbol. It should symbolize their common way.


The oak quarry (oak leaves with oak fruits) represents the traditional oak barrels used for aging and storing wines. The oak is a large, powerful tree with a very hard wood, which emphasizes the characteristics of strength, power and endurance. Furthermore, the oak tree expresses deep rootedness and steadfastness.


The crossed swords symbolise fortitude. They are the protective symbols of the founders of the emblem. The founders of the emblem manage and own their business in equal shares, thus the swords emphasize a clear and fair division. Furthermore, they stand for the power, strength, clear mind and consistent management of the business. However, the most important quality to be symbolized, is justice.


The vine leaf and the grape show the wine-growing tradition that is existing since 1650 and to the 10th generation of the founders of the emblem. The common life worhuk of the emblem donors is to be expressed with it. Furthermore, it should also underline the winegrowing, the winegrowing culture and the winegrowing philosophy.


The brown trout explains the private passion of the founders, fly fishing. Furthermore, the water, the associated liveliness and life itself is symbolized.


Gold represents prestige, value and elegance. The colour gold, the first metal of heraldry, is associated with masculine energy. Due to its warm glow, the colour gold is a symbol of the sun, light, durability and wisdom.


Silver illustrates the tools used for their business. Silver, the second metal of heraldry, emphasizes the feminine principle and the intuitive side of the mind. It is also considered as a symbol of purity and clarity.


Black describes seriousness, elegance, practicality, unambiguity and functionality. Black also symbolizes creativity, as everything is born from the dark.

The colours of the emblem combined with our wines

The metal gold cannot be produced synthetically and, unlike other metals, it does not corrode, which is why the valence is so durable.

This high valence also applies to our wines, as they are not produced synthetically: fermentation is only done with our own vineyard yeasts (spontaneous fermentation) – we do not use any selected yeasts and work 100 percent organically.


Our single vineyard wines represent the highest level of quality – the bottle capsule is provided with a gold print.

The colour gold combined with a wine description of our wines:
rich, radiant, valuable, noble, precious, powerful, glorious, wise, uniform, proud, magnificent, illuminating, luxurious, enjoyable, tempting, attractive, warm, sunny, shiny, true, genuine, perfect, ideal, festive, extraordinary, elegant, magical



Our village wines represent the 2nd pyramid level after the gold top.
They are provided with a silver bottle cap.

The colour silver combined with a wine description of our wines:
reserved, fine, elegant, unconventional, neutral, modest, straight, dynamic, fresh

Our wooden barrel cellar has been completely redesigned to match the colour black and has a deep, contemplative, very calming and reverent mystique.

The colour black combined with a wine description of our wines:
noble, festive, luxurious, individual, decided, courageous, powerful, correct, delimiting, moral, strong, clear, impressive, concrete, objective, abstract, mysterious, hidden, profound, purifying

Our most important vineyard – Pössnitzberg.
It is the core of our vineyards.

As mentioned before, the conditions on Pössnitzberg are perfect for the French grape varieties and also boasts the best prerequisites for the Burgundian grape variety Pinot Noir. So we fulfilled a personal lifelong dream and planted the magnificent grape variety Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir reacts very sensitively to differences in soil type and microclimate and is therefore particularly suitable for absorbing the specific terroir. And this presents exactly our philosophy:

„Our wines reflect our terroir.“
(Patrizia & Erwin Sabathi)

On the one hand, our Pinot Noir is characterised by pressing according to the traditional Burgundian method, on the other hand, it impresses by the noble emblem of Patrizia and Erwin Sabathi on the bottle label: “On the helmet with black and golden blankets, a gold-fringed black cushion, on which two golden lions, red armored and tongued facing and together holding a silver shell.”