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Beerenauslese Sauvignon Blanc Prädikat Wine

The balanced sweetness is supported by pleasant acidity and underlines the lightness of the wine.

A barogue Prädikat Wine (sweet wine, dried berries selection) from our top single vineyard, the Single Vineyard Pössnitzberg.

The Single Vineyard Pössnitzberg is predestined as a great white wine terroir. Due to the interaction of the soil structure and of the climatic factors this single vineyard is unique. These Sauvignon Blanc wines are very authentic.

Grape variety:

Sauvignon Blanc

Drinking maturity:

10 years and longer


Warm winds coming up from Slovenian valleys meet cool air streams from the Koralpe Mountains in the west.
These extreme temperature differences cause a spicy and multi-faceted aroma spectrum.


From the geological point of view the Pössnitzberg is located within the southwestern Styrian sea basin. Approximately 16 million years ago some 1000 meters of mighty marine sediments accumulated. Geologists describe these fine marine sediments as “Styrian Schlier”. It consists of chalky fine-sandy, mostly green-greyish marl clay or argillaceous schist with deposits of sand, fossils of leaves and gloss carbon residues. These scarce and very chalky soils, called “Opok” (chalky marl), are characterised by a humous topsoil formed by weathering, which often does not exceed a height of 20 centimeters, and firm sedimentary rocks.

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