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Single Vineyard Poharnig Sauvignon Blanc Premier Cru STK, SüdsteiermarkDAC

Graceful with a vibrating acid, deep structure ending in a salty aftertaste.

The Single Vineyard Poharnig is exclusively planted with the grape variety Sauvignon Blanc and exclusively cultivated by Erwin Sabathi – therefore a monopole vineyard. Our Sauvignon Blanc wines from Poharnig, classified as “Erste STK Ried” (Premier Cru STK), are perfect to enjoy right from the beginning, but they have also a high ageing potential. The harvest yield is limited to a maximum of 45 hectolitres. Premier Cru STK wines are allowed to be offered for sale at the earliest on the 1st of September after 11 months of maturation.

Grape variety:

Sauvignon Blanc

Drinking maturity:

10 years and longer


Due to the tension between hot days and cool nights in combination with soft winds arriving from the Koralpe Mountains, only Sauvignon Blanc vines grow on this single vineyard site. This wine is enormously salty, effected by the very sandy soil.


The geological subsoil consists of fine-grained sands and conglomerate interstratifications. These conglomerate interstratifications are weathered in different degrees. On the upper slope areas, the size of grains and the water permeability increases.

Our vintages

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