Chardonnay Brut 2018 Flaschenvergorener Sekt

Chardonnay Brut 2018 Bottle fermented sparkling wine

Grape variety:
Alcohol content:
Residual suggar:
harvested by hand, spontaneously fermented with natural yeasts
5 months in traditional, large, wooden oak casks, followed by traditional bottle fermentation
Drinking maturity:
5 years and longer
Bottle closure:
champagne cork with agraffe
Flaschenvergorener Sekt (Bottle fermented sparkling wine)
Wine-growing area:
Leutschach a.d.W.
Wine-growing region:
Southern Styria
Description of the wine:
Light yellowgreen; Scents of apple peels and of pear peels, underlined by a hint of ripe apricot flavours; on the plapte a chalky texture, tight and extremely straight; deep citrius aromas of buddha fingers; brillante moussex, nearly silky
Food recommendation:
canapés, different kinds of appetizers, scallop, crayfish, lobster (soup), sushi, salmon, grilled fish, sorbets, fruit tarts

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Our “Chardonnay Brut” is a sparkling wine made of „Leutschacher Chardonnay“ grapes – „Méthode traditionelle“, zero dosage.

Wine-growing area:

The grapes used for Chardonnay Brut grow in various vineyards within our home village.


The climate in Leutschach is characterised by moderate rainfall, it is warm and mostly free of fog. The climatic conditions in this area are also influenced by cold, sloping winds from the western Koralpe Mountains, causing cool nights. These cool nights effect high temperature differences between day and night and this fact encourages fruity wine varieties.


Leutschach is located within the southwestern Styrian sea basin. Approximately 16 million years ago some 1000 meters of mighty marine sediments accumulated. Geologists describe these fine marine sediments as “Leutschacher Schlier”. It consists of chalky fine-sandy, mostly green-greyish marl clay or argillaceous schist with deposits of sand. These chalky marl soils are called “Opok”.

Sekt aus Leutschacher Chardonnay Trauben – “Méthode traditionelle”, brillantes Mousseux

Sparkling wine made of “Leutschacher Chardonnay” grapes – “Méthode traditionelle”, brillante mousseux.