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Leutschach Chardonnay 2023 Village Wine, SüdsteiermarkDAC

Grape variety:
93 FALSTAFF points
Alcohol content:
Total acid:
Residual suggar:
harvested by hand, traditionally fermented with natural yeasts
8 months in traditional, large, wooden oak casks
Drinking maturity:
5 years and longer
Bottle closure:
screw cap
Organic, Sustainable Austria
Ortswein (Village Wine) / SüdsteiermarkDAC
Wine-growing area:
Leutschach a.d.W.
Wine-growing region:
Southern Styria
Description of the wine:
deep aromas; candied oranges, cape gooseberries and grated pistachios; tight and taut at the same time, amazing drinking flow; a great village wine reflecting its origin
Food recommendation:
thickened soups, all different kinds of pumpkin dishes, mushroom dishes, chanterelles, liver, grilled veal and grilled beef, well-seasoned roast pork, veal sweetbreads, seafood, crustaceans
EUR 18,00 á 0,75l

Our “Leutschach Chardonnay” is representative of the terroir of our home village Leutschach a.d.W. – this is characterised by the typical wine taste of the wine-growing area as well as by the therefore related name of the wine.
Village wines demonstrate different characteristics due to their vineyard-location/-orientation, sea level and soil conditions - these components affect the aroma and the typicity of these wines. Different regions mean variously climatic and geological circumstances effecting various wines. Therefore, the wine refers to the wine-growing area and this is further the reason for using the name “Leutschach” on the bottle label. Village Wines are allowed to be offered for sale at the earliest on 1st of May after 6 months of maturation. In our case, Village Wines remains much longer in the barrels and are offered for sale at the earliest after 8 months of maturation, as well as our Premier Cru STK wines.

Wine-growing area:

Our Leutschach Chardonnay wines grow in various vineyards within our home village.


The climate in Leutschach is characterised by moderate rainfall, it is warm and mostly free of fog. The climatic conditions in this area are also influenced by cold, sloping winds from the western Koralpe Mountains, causing cool nights. These cool nights effect high temperature differences between day and night and this fact encourages fruity wine varieties.


Leutschach is located within the southwestern Styrian sea basin. Approximately 16 million years ago some 1000 meters of mighty marine sediments accumulated. Geologists describe these fine marine sediments as “Leutschacher Schlier”. It consists of chalky fine-sandy, mostly green-greyish marl clay or argillaceous schist with deposits of sand. These chalky marl soils are called “Opok”.

Geprägt durch den herkunftsorientierten Geschmack –
Botschafter des Terroirs unserer Heimatgemeinde.

Characterised by the typical wine taste of the wine-growing area –
representative of the terroir of our home village.